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Tips for a happy and healthy new school term

With the new academic year now underway, children all over the UK are getting back into the swing of school. Whether they’re returning to nursery, primary school, secondary school or even college, it’s important to make sure your kids are ready to deal with everything education will throw at them, including germs, stress, and intense school days.

Here at NatraSan, we’d like to share some helpful hints that will keep your young ones bright eyed and bushy tailed right through to the next summer holidays . . .

Catching some zzzs

Particularly as kids get a little older, it’s difficult to get them to turn off the TV and put down their phones in time for an early night during term time. However, school age children need 9 to 11 hours of sleep every night for their brains to function at their best and for them to have the most fun, healthy, and educational day possible. And, of course, if your child goes to bed too late it’s impossible to get them up in the morning!

To make sure your child wakes in time for an energetic day at school, agree an early bedtime and stick to it – and insist that phones are put on charge downstairs so that late-night notifications will not interrupt their sleep.

Squeaky clean

Kids will inevitably encounter harmful germs at school, but fortunately the robust immune system of most healthy youngsters will generally fight off any danger. However, missing school through tummy bugs, coughs or colds is disruptive to education – not to mention a logistical nightmare for working parents.

To guard against persistent bouts of illness, teach children the importance of thorough handwashing, and make sure everything they take to school is clean and germ-free to protect them and their classmates. School essentials such as lunchboxes, water bottles and plimsolls can become a breeding ground for germs: for example, the fungal infection athlete’s foot thrives in sweaty trainers.

Wash equipment regularly and spritz it afterwards with NatraSan to kill 99.9999% of germs including bacteria, viruses and fungi. NatraSan contains pure hypochlorous acid, a substance that’s produced by the human immune system and is completely natural and safe to use.

Should disaster strike…

Despite your best efforts, it’s impossible to give your child immunity to all illness. Should they fall ill with anything more serious than a minor cough or cold, or if you suspect they could infect their classmates, it’s best to let them recover at home.

After visiting a doctor or pharmacist, the key to a speedy recovery (and to protecting yourself and the rest of your family) is to keep your child’s surroundings as hygienic as possible. We recommend you wash your child’s bedsheets and use NatraSan to kill 99.9999% of harmful germs on anything they may have touched. This will also protect all members of the family, from babies to pets, as NatraSan is 100% natural and safe to use anywhere.

How to buy NatraSan

Interested in giving NatraSan a try? Head to our online shop to view and buy our products, or call 0800 707 6883 to place a telephone order. NatraSan comes in a 250ml family spray and a handy 100ml travel size – perfect to put in your bag on the school run.