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Keep your children healthy and happy over the Easter holidays

The Easter holidays have arrived, and your children will want to be out and about, getting rid of all that excess energy. You want them to enjoy their break, and you want to enjoy it too, so how can you help to keep them well and happy?

Children always love a trip to the swimming pool, but many people don’t realise that it’s one of the most common places to pick up a virus or infection. If you’re taking your baby for a swim, the chances are you’ll need to use the changing table at some stage. Changing tables can be rife with bacteria, as there’s no guarantee that the mat will have been cleaned since the last small visitor used it. Coliforms, shigella and salmonella are all types of bacteria which arise from fecal matter, and can make your baby very ill.

Many people don’t realise that alcohol-based sanitisers can take up to ten minutes to work. NatraSan’s active ingredient is hypochlorous, a substance produced completely naturally by all humans and animals to fight infection, and it takes just two seconds to become effective. Spray the changing mat with Natrasan Travel Buddy to help keep your baby germ-free.

Natrasan Antiseptic Spray Travel Buddy is ideal for any family outing as it kills 99.9999% of harmful micro-organisms in seconds, and contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives which might aggravate your child’s skin. In addition, it won’t sting on application, and it’s safe around eyes and mouths.

Changing rooms and toilets, whether at the pool, in shops or elsewhere, can also be rife with germs. It’s impossible to stop children exploring and touching everything in sight, whether you’re drying them after a swim or making that unexpected trip to the toilet. Use Natrasan Travel Buddy on their hands as you leave so that any unpleasant germs don’t come home with you.

A trip to the park or playground is another essential holiday outing if the weather’s fine. Hopefully you’ll have a trouble-free time, but those inevitable bumps and grazes, which arise when children are learning to ride their bikes or braving the big slide, can be dealt with by spraying them with Natrasan Travel Buddy, which contains hypochlorous, the body’s own natural antiseptic. One of our recent customers commented ‘brilliant . . . . . can deal with minor injuries on dogs and grandchildren’.

Natrasan Travel Buddy comes in a 100 ml pump spray, which will fit easily into your handbag or changing bag. It deals with holiday mishaps naturally and effectively, leaving you to relax and enjoy the time with your children.

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