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Keep germ-free by the sea

We all love to be beside the seaside and, now that the summer holidays have arrived, families will be piling into cars, trains and planes and heading off for a much-anticipated beach holiday.

Whether it’s Cornwall or the Côte d’Azur, it’s likely that while you’ve thought of buckets and spades, towels and sun cream, hygiene considerations may not be on your list of essentials.

Here in the UK, we’ve made vast strides in standards of beach cleanliness over the last ten years, and 128 beaches received the prestigious Blue Flag award for 2019. This guarantees visitors that these beaches are safe, kept clean and litter-free, with high water quality. However, even the cleanest beaches will inevitably have hygiene issues, and while seawater is regularly monitored, there are many parasites, bacteria and viruses present in sand, which isn’t monitored or regularly tested. Most of these are harmless, but some can cause skin complaints, fungal infections or gastrointestinal upsets, so it’s sensible to take a few precautions when you set off for some fun in the sun.

  • Keep an eye on small children and babies to ensure they don’t put hands in their mouths after playing in the sand
  • Always poop scoop if you bring your dog to the beach, and scoop up the sand underneath as well to remove fecal bacteria
  • Sit or lie on a towel or sun lounger to avoid prolonged skin contact with sand
  • Wash towels and swimsuits regularly; it’s not always possible to wash towels after each day on the beach, but try to rinse swimsuits out thoroughly
  • Shower as soon as you get back to your holiday accommodation
  • Always take litter home, and try not to leave any food remains behind
  • If you’re building sandcastles, use a spade rather than your hands to avoid getting sand trapped under fingernails which can then be difficult to remove
  • Always wash hands before a picnic if there are washing facilities at the beach, or use an antiseptic spray – and this applies to the ice cream runs too!

NatraSan’s Travel Buddy is a beach bag essential. Containing pure Hypochlorous Acid, the human body’s own highly effective natural antiseptic, it kills 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and viruses in seconds. It’s completely safe to use on small children and babies, even around the eyes or mouth, as it contains no alcohol, preservatives or fragrances. A quick spritz will ensure everyone’s hands are germ-free when you break out the picnic bag or beach barbecue, and you can also use it on buckets and spades, shell collections and footballs when you head home at the end of the day!

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