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Five tips for a germ-free start to university!

With the start of the new academic year in September, thousands of eager teenagers all over the country will be packing up their belongings and preparing to leave home for their first term at university. It’s an exciting time, with the prospect of new friends and a greater degree of independence, and with everything they need to remember it’s unlikely that hygiene considerations are near the top of the list.

Freshers’ Week, the demands of new coursework and exploring an unfamiliar area can mean washing up, keeping the fridge clean and putting the rubbish out end up being continually put off. It’s a fact that the first rows in a student flat nearly always occur over kitchen habits, whether it’s appropriating someone else’s beer stash, leaving food to go rotten in the fridge or putting pans in the sink ‘to soak’ which means the offending cook is hoping someone else will do it.

Freshers’ flu is another unwelcome prospect for newcomers. It’s not actually flu, but a series of relatively common respiratory tract infections, easily caught by students from all parts of the globe coming across germs their particular immune systems haven’t yet encountered. Add in exhaustion, stress and a probable lack of healthy food and the chances of contracting it are high.

Here are our top five tips for staying healthy in those first weeks:

1. Wash hands regularly
This is probably the most important thing a student can do. Wash them as regularly as possible, but always before eating and cooking. If you’re not near soap and water, NatraSan Antiseptic Spray will keep hands fresh and germ-free.

2. Keep the kitchen clean
Your new flatmates may have hygienic kitchen habits, but it’s probably best not to risk assuming this to start with! Spray work surfaces with NatraSan before and after you cook, to ensure germ-free food preparation. It’s completely safe to use around food and drink.

3. Spritz door handles
Door handles are a hotbed of germs, particularly doors to kitchens and communal bathrooms. Spritz regularly with NatraSan, and don’t forget tap handles too. It’s surprising how often people prepare raw meat, go to wash their hands afterwards and touch the tap in the process.

4. Remove the rubbish
Don’t let unpleasant odours build up in bulging rubbish bins. Change the bag regularly and spray the inside of the bin with NatraSan before you put the new bag in. It’s also worth spraying the lid which can collect an unpleasant mixture of smears and spillages if left.

5. Spray your rucksack
This may not be an obvious one, but think of the punishment a student’s rucksack or bag takes. Dropped on the floor in lecture theatres, cloakrooms, streets, trains and buses, and constantly being loaded up or emptied, over a short space of time it’ll accumulate a pile of pathogens. A regular spray all over will keep it fresh and germ-free.

If you have a teenager heading off to university this month, help them to stay germ-free by adding NatraSan Antiseptic Spray to their luggage. It contains pure hypochlorous acid, the body’s own natural antiseptic, which is a mild and incredibly effective substance released by our white blood cells to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and mould but is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment. It can be sprayed onto both hard and soft surfaces and is a highly effective hand sanitiser, killing 99.9999% of harmful micro-organisms in seconds, which is much faster than alcohol-based hand sanitisers. The NatraSan Antiseptic Spray – Travel Buddy will slip easily into rucksacks and bags for on-the-go hygiene.

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