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Keep germ-free while using public transport

According to the Department for Transport, 6.8 million passenger journeys were completed on public transport between 2017 and 2018. At a time when we’re all trying to do our bit to protect the environment, more people ditching the car and using the bus or train is a good thing.

However, with so many people in tight proximity to each other, and many hands touching the same seat or grab pole every day, buses and trains can be breeding grounds for germs – especially at this time of year when colds and coughs are more prevalent.

Here are some top tips on how to protect yourself and others whilst getting from A to B.

  • Try to avoid sitting next to a passenger who is coughing and sneezing, although we appreciate that during rush hour this is not always possible.
  • Carry a hand sanitiser, such as the Natrasan Travel Buddy Antiseptic Spray. Not only can this be used on your hands, but it can also be sprayed on touch point areas which may contain germs, such as seatbelts, tray tables, and door opening buttons.
  • Many trains will have bathrooms, which you may need to use when on a long journey. As these tend not be the cleanest, use a sanitiser spray on door handlers, toilet flushes and taps before touching.
  • Mobile phones, tablets and laptops can harbour more germs than a toilet seat, and with many people turning to their electronic devices for company during a journey, it’s essential they are cleaned regularly so those germs aren’t spread. This can be done extremely easily with an antiseptic spray and soft cloth.
  • Also think about protecting others from your germs if you’re feeling poorly. Take the simple step of using and instantly disposing of tissues, as well as covering your mouth when coughing. It is also good practice to give your area a little spritz of antiseptic spray as your leave for the benefit of your fellow travellers.

NatraSan’s Travel Buddy kills 99.9999% of harmful bacteria in seconds and contains pure Hypochlorous Acid, the human body’s own highly effective natural antiseptic. It’s ideal for carrying in handbags, rucksacks and work bags, so ensure you have a bottle to hand when hopping on and off the bus or train. It will reduce the chance of sharing germs on public transport and can be purchased from our online shop or by calling 0800 707 6883 to place a telephone order.