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How to keep your kitchen germ-free this Christmas.

Over the Christmas period, the kitchen is very much the heart of the home. We all tend to cook more, not to mention the full-on turkey dinner on the big day, and this all means our normal cleaning routine can go a little awry.

The kitchen can be one of the germiest places in the home, so here’s our top tips on how to keep it germ-free this Christmas.

Different areas for different foods – Turkey, sprouts, potatoes, cabbage, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puddings, cranberry sauce, gravy – there is a lot that goes into making the perfect Christmas dinner. A simple way to minimise the cross-contamination of germs is to use separate parts of your kitchen, and different equipment, for various parts of the dinner. You can then make sure that the knife you used for the poultry is not the same as the one used to prepare the carrots. And don’t forget to your hands thoroughly before and after touching raw meat.

Wipe as you go – Let’s face it, eating is a big part of enjoying time with our family over Christmas. Therefore, it’s highly likely your kitchen is going to be used a lot more than usual. Keep a disinfectant spray, such as NatraSan, handy so you can wipe down and clean as you go. It comes in a handy spray bottle and, as it kills 99.9999% of germs on contact, you can be assured you’re helping to protect your family.

Don’t wash meat – There is no health or hygiene benefits to rinsing the turkey, or another other meat, before cooking. All poultry and meat is washed during processing and giving it an extra rinse does not kill bacteria, but it can mean the bacteria can be spread to other surfaces.

Scourers and sponges – Bacteria loves damp conditions so will thrive in scours and sponges. Depending on how often these are used, they should be replaced anywhere between every two weeks and every month. But that doesn’t mean scours and sponges shouldn’t be cleaned between replacing. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is by soaking in water, wringing out, then nuking in a microwave – it will only need a minute. Alternatively, ditch the sponge and scourer completely and use a disinfectant spray like NatraSan with a piece kitchen towel, which can then be disposed of.

Looking after the leftovers – If you want to keep leftovers, leave them out to cool first. But as bacteria can grow extremely quickly and spread to other surfaces, transfer them to the fridge as soon as possible, ideally within two hours. It is recommended that leftovers should then be eaten within two days, but if you want to keep them for longer, cool them, then put them straight into the freezer instead of the fridge.

Don’t forget the kitchen sink – Think about how often you use the kitchen sink, then think how often you give it a clean. It’s one of the most neglected areas in a home and giving it a quick rinse just won’t cut it. Use your spray and wipe it down after each use.

There’s no need to become obsessive about cleanliness over Christmas if you’re sensible about keeping on top of washing the kitchen down as you go.

NatraSan comes in a variety of sizes and can be purchased from our online shop, or by calling 0800 707 6883 to place a telephone order.

We wish everyone a very happy, healthy and merry Christmas.