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How clean is your hotel room? Five tips to help you stay healthy.

With lockdown restrictions across Europe starting to ease, hotels are opening their doors and beginning to welcome guests again. Any hotel stay is likely to be completely different to how it was before, with potential temperature screening, social distancing putting a stop to a buffet breakfast, no gym or swimming pool use, and contactless check-in and check-out.

Whilst these changes will be put in place for the safety of guests and hotel staff, we’ve listed five extra things you can do to ensure you have a healthy and enjoyable stay.

  1. Use your own linen
    It will take up extra space in your luggage, but taking your own bedding and towels could give you peace of mind. This is something hotels have indicated they will be happy with, but it might be best to contact the hotel so your bed remains unmade on your arrival.

  2. Regularly spritz touch points
    You can probably be sure the hotel will be the cleanest it’s ever been, but it’s not worth taking any chances. Regularly give touch points, such as light switches, door handles and do not disturb tags, a clean. This can easily be done by giving them a quick spray of NatraSan, which destroys 99.9999% of germs on contact.

  3. Go modern
    Whilst there is a certain type of romance about staying in a hotel that is hundreds of years old and is filled with furniture in-keeping with the period, there will be more areas that harvest dust and allergens, as opposed to the sleek lines of a modern hotel.

  4. Take your own slippers
    Vacuuming doesn’t remove all bacteria that could be lurking in a carpet, so take some footwear to wear around your room. Ok, you don’t necessarily need to pack your big furry animal slippers, but a pair of comfy shoes or flip flops to stop bare feet touching the flooring will be fine.

  5. Don’t forget the complimentary items
    Like touch points, items such as the kettle, hairdryer, TV and remote control, and telephone should be regularly sprayed with NatraSan to remove any hidden germs.

NatraSan comes in 250ml and 500ml antiseptic spray bottles, as well as a handy travel buddy which is ideal to pack in your bag for a hotel stay. It can be purchased from our online shop or by calling 0800 707 6883 to place a telephone order.