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How to make your spring clean fun — or at least ‘funner’

Most of us are guilty of knowing there’s at least one drawer or cupboard in our kitchen which could do with a good clean. But what does it really matter if the cutlery drawer’s looking grimy or a few grains of rice have escaped the packet and are enjoying their freedom in the depths of the pantry cupboard?

Just move a few things around to hide the dirt, right? If you can’t see it, it won’t bother you. And deep cleaning’s a dull job.

While it may be tempting to think this, the truth is that wherever food remnants are present, whether we can see them or not, bacteria will grow. If your utensils, crockery, pots and pans have bacteria on them, this can easily transfer into the food you eat, entering your body and having the potential to make you quite unwell.

It therefore makes sense to perform a good, thorough clean in your kitchen at least once a year.

What does a kitchen spring clean entail?

Five simple steps

  • Clean each cupboard and drawer one at a time. Start by emptying everything out (this is a good opportunity to throw or give away items you no longer use, creating more space).
  • Use a dustpan and brush (treat yourself to a new one for this very job, not one that has been used previously) to remove any detritus from cupboards. A microfibre cloth will do the job for drawers as loose bits will stick to its furry surface.
  • Using a wet cloth, wipe all around the drawer/cupboard to clean up any spillages.
  • Wipe thoroughly with an antibacterial spray. NatraSan is ideal for this as, unlike most other products on the market, it kills 99.9999% of germs. Plus, you don’t have to wipe it off with water — simply spray and wipe.
  • Before you replace the items back into the drawer or cupboard, give them a spray and a wipe with NatraSan to remove any lingering bacteria. NatraSan is entirely safe, so no need to worry about getting it into foods. You can even spray NatraSan directly onto food, such as salads, to kill any harbouring microbes.

But you said cleaning could be fun. That doesn’t sound much fun.

Perhaps not, but if you spice it up with our tips below, a kitchen deep clean could become the next ‘going out’. Okay, maybe not, but give these a go, and you’re bound to enjoy the process a whole lot more:

Tips to spice up your kitchen spring clean

  • Spend some time before you start cleaning setting up a playlist. Choose all the classics you like to belt out. Music you love makes everything seem so much sweeter.
  • Make yourself a big cup or glass full of your preferred beverage to sip as you go. This could be anything from a frothy coffee to a peach Bellini (just be careful when cleaning the glassware if it’s the latter!).
  • Do a Marie Kondo — reorganise items back in drawers and cupboards beautifully so you can actually see what’s in there. Anything you don’t need to keep, thank it for its service, and leave it to one side to recycle, throw away or give away if it’s in good condition.
  • Due to the monotony of cleaning, it can be a great time to practise mindfulness. Allow your body to take over the cleaning while your mind goes to your happy place, be it a paradisial beach, a bluebell wood, a quiet corner of the library, or wherever you feel most relaxed.
  • Now you’ve made some space, what are you going to do with it? You could leave your cupboards and drawers airy and lovely or you could use your deep clean as a reason to buy a new set of pans, cutlery or dinner service. Imagine how fabulous your kitchen is going to look when you’ve kitted it out with the new collection! You don’t have to buy new if you don’t want to; check out your local charity shop for some beautiful bargains. Just remember to give them a wash and a once-over with NatraSan when you get them home.

Finally, sit back with a magazine, a crossword or whatever takes your fancy, and revel in the sanitary nirvana that is your newly-cleaned kitchen. Buy your NatraSan here in a size to suit you. Alternatively, order by phone on 01903 893990.