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Children’s parties – how to keep your party germ-free

What child doesn’t love a party? Whether it is their own or a friend’s, the thought of fun and games is very exciting. But with lots of tiny hands and sniffling noses, germs can easily spread, so what can you do to help keep a party germ-free?

Keep it outside – we know organising an outdoor garden party in spring and summer is a lot easier than in autumn and winter, but being in the fresh air does minimise the spread of germs. For autumn and winter birthday parties, why not go with a barbecue theme and get the fire pit going? All kids love toasting marshmallows which is a great way to end.

Sanitise everything – before any guests arrive get the sanitiser out and clean everything that the children may come into contact with, such as toilet door handles and outdoor games. This can be done easily with NatraSan’s skin and surface sanitiser, which can simply be sprayed directly onto surfaces and kills 99.9999% of germs on contact. As the active ingredient is hypochlorous acid, which is naturally produced in all human immune systems, it’s perfectly safe to use on hard and soft surfaces, as well as skin. Repeat once all guests have left.

Replace the buffet – the issue of little fingers picking up and putting down sandwiches, crisps and biscuits can easily be sorted by replacing a buffet with pizzas. After all, it’s very rare to see a child pick up a slice of pizza and put it back again!

Label cups – to ensure a child doesn’t pick up germs by drinking from a cup that isn’t theirs, ask them to get crafty and create a sticky label with their name on it.

Blowing out the candles – blowing out candles and making a wish is a birthday party must, but it can spread germs. Instead of ordering two cakes – one to use to blow out candles and one to serve to the children – try these alternatives instead:

  • Have a single cupcake with a candle which the birthday boy or girl will then eat.
  • Use something to fan the candle out – this could be something like a special birthday card to use for the cake, or a pretty hand fan.
  • Put the candles into something removable from the top of the cake, such as strawberries – the wish part can be made as usual, then the strawberries removed and the candles blown out.
  • Give each child a sparkler as they sing happy birthday, then the birthday child makes their wish once the final sparkler has gone out.

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