NatraSan: the kinder way to sanitise skin

Due in part to the Covid-19 pandemic, UK revenue from the sale of hand sanitiser is expected to reach £70.5m in 2021, and that is projected to increase annually by 3.8% between 2021 and 2025.* Whilst increasing the frequency of using a sanitiser is essential to reduce the impact of germs, the alcohol content in many sanitisers is not very friendly to our skin.

sore hands from using alcohol sanitiser

Effects of alcohol on hands

I’m sure everyone has felt how dry their hands become after using a sanitiser, but you could also encounter skin damage and irritation, especially if you suffer from a sensitive skin condition. Alcohol-loaded sanitisers could actually be doing more harm than good; overuse could cause a skin disorder, as damaged skin is more vulnerable to infection.

NatraSan is completely alcohol, chemical, and preservative free, so is safe to use on the skin of every member of the family, including a new-born baby. 

Alcohol-free santiser

No alcohol does not mean reduced efficacy

We seem to be ingrained with the belief that only products laden with chemicals are effective at ridding germs, but this is not the case. Yes, science tells us they work, but science also tells us that alcohol-free products have the same impact. Before coming to the market, we put NatraSan through extensive tests, so we know it kills 99.9999% of germs. 

NatraSan is also fully compliant with a number of British and European regulations which look at biocidal products that are used to protect us against harmful organisms like pests or bacteria.

 Magic Ingredient HClO

Hypochlorous: the magic ingredient

The active ingredient in NatraSan is hypochlorous acid which is naturally produced in all human immune systems. As it is already part of our body, it is gentle on skin and tissue, but will kill germs within seconds. 

Every aspect of our hypochlorous technology has been thoroughly tested and, as well as being safe to use on the skin, it has also been approved for use as a sanitiser on hard and soft surfaces. 

Natural moisturiser

Natural moisturiser

Skin is our body’s largest organ, so it always deserves a bit of love. As well as switching to NatraSan for your hand sanitiser, don’t forget to keep moisturising. Our sister company Eternal Skincare has a wide range of alcohol-free products; in fact, by visiting Eternal Skincare’s online shop, you can purchase a NatraSan and Eternal Skincare pack.

NatraSan antiseptic and first aid spray 

NatraSan’s 100ml Travel Buddy is ideal for carrying in handbags, rucksacks, and workbags, so you can sanitise whilst on the go. It also comes in a 250ml spray, and both are available from our online shop or by calling 0800 707 6883 to place a telephone order. 




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