NatraSan is committed to science-backed wellness and innovation, creating products for Happier Healthier Homes that harness high-performance technologies and formulas.

This ethos has enabled us to focus on launching cutting-edge technologies that truly enrich our customers' lives.

To ensure we never move away from this, we have the 4 values that every decision, process, and product is based on.

Science & Innovation

We utilise revolutionary science and innovation to create products that truly make a difference.

Natural & Safe

We are constantly looking at new ways to make our products and offerings even more natural and safe.

Quality & Value

We will always offer our customers the highest quality and value.

Honesty & Trust

We aim to create long-term relationships with our customers built on honesty and trust.

One day the owner of Renapur was purveying the latest news in science when he came across some Cambridge scientists that seemed to be achieving things with Hypochlorous acid that was too good to believe:

A natural substance that occurs in the human body

That is not harmful to any animal

AND is more effective than bleach or alcohol

No chance!

So, he continued to dig into it to find the inevitable catch, he
kept researching, kept researching… and couldn’t find anything…

At this point, the only rational thing to do was to speak to the Cambridge Scientists directly.

The Cambridge scientists backed EVERYTHING up; it was compliant with all UK & EU regulations, was independently verified by respected institutions and universities, and had been tested in conjunction with the NHS and Private Medical Facilities.

For years Renapur had been keen to introduce a health brand with a difference. To launch a brand that wasn’t just selling any old health product, that backed up all their claims with research and science and would genuinely benefit people and their families...

And now they had found their first product.

Fast forward a few years and lots of meetings and NatraSan was born, the latest Renapur brand, that promotes Happier Healthier Homes.