Six unexpected uses for NatraSan’s Antiseptic Spray

NatraSan’s powerful antiseptic spray contains hypochlorous, which is produced naturally in human and animal immune systems to fight infections and kill invading germs. Hypochlorous is not only one of the most effective known biocides, capable of killing 99.9999% of all pathogens in seconds, it is also one of the safest and poses no risk to humans or animals. It is also readily biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly.

NatraSan Antiseptic Spray has a loyal and rapidly increasing following, and people often tell us about the different ways they use it to keep them and their families germ-free. We thought we’d share some of these in the first of an occasional series. Let us know if you have an unusual use for NatraSan and we may include it in the future!

Here are our first six tips: 

Dealing with smelly shoes

Deodorising shoes

We’ve all got favourite shoes, the ones we tend to reach for all the time, but they can become rather pungent inside, particularly in the summer! Regularly spraying NatraSan in your shoes will kill the bacteria causing the odour and keep them fresh and fragrant.

 Safely Cleaning Children's Toys

Disinfecting childrens’ toys

Whilst it’s important that young children are exposed to a certain level of infection in order to help develop their immune systems, the combination of curious natures and exploring fingers can create a germ overload. After friends come to play, make sure toys are ready for the next outing by spraying them with NatraSan. It can be used on both hard and soft surfaces, so will sanitise a much-loved teddy bear just as well as a dolls’ teaset, and is completely safe to be used even on babies’ toys.

Cleaning pet equipment

If you have four-legged friends, you’ll want to ensure they stay healthy and happy. Keeping their food and water bowls sparkling clean and germ-free with NatraSan is a good way to protect them from harmful bacteria. Use it on their toys as well, and leads, collars and pet beds will benefit from a regular spray.

Dirty doormats

When you get home, you probably wipe your feet on the doormat. That stops mud being traipsed inside, but there will be a gradual build-up of bacteria on the mat which you won’t want walked into your carpets either. Spray your doormat with NatraSan to kill any germs tracked in and keep it fresh.


Germ-free workspace

With the increasing trend for hot-desking, it’s easier for germs to spread in the workplace. When you arrive in the morning, spray your desk and chair with NatraSan to disinfect them and ensure your day is healthy as well as productive.

Shut that door

When you’re doing the housework, you probably don’t think about cleaning door handles, but they’re a well-known breeding ground for germs. Constant traffic in and out means a lot of hands touching them, not all of which are as clean as they could be! A quick spritz with NatraSan will solve the problem. Use it on door handles outside the home as well; there’s nothing more annoying than washing your hands thoroughly in a public toilet and then realising you will have to touch a dirty door handle to get out.


If you have any other great uses for NatraSan, put them in the comments below!

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