Why you can trust NatraSan – we explain our rigorous testing procedure

Before coming to the market, we put our antiseptic spray through extensive tests at various independent institutions and universities, as well as field tests in partnership with private healthcare groups, the NHS and the Royal Veterinary College, amongst others.

And it’s for this reason that we know, and our customers can be assured, that NatraSan kills 99.9999% of germs.

The effectiveness of hypochlorous acid

The effectiveness of hypochlorous

Hypochlorous is one of the most effectively-known biocides – which are microorganisms intended to destroy and deter harmful organisms – that is capable of killing 99.9999% of pathogens in seconds, instead of minutes. It’s also naturally produced by human and animal immune systems.

It was a British scientist who first discovered hypochlorous in the 19th century, however, it was difficult to make a form stable enough to be packaged and sold to consumers. This meant that only large institutions, such as hospitals that could install large generators to make their own, were able to use it.  

But thanks to our team of extremely committed scientists who understood the benefits the biocide could have to health and hygiene, we did it! NatraSan is optimum strength hypochlorous solution that has a shelf life of 18 months.

NatraSan is continuously tested to ensure it is safe

Fully tested

NatraSan is the first hypochlorous acid product available to consumers that is fully compliant with European Biocidal Product Regulation EU 528 (2012). The regulation looks at biocidal products which are used to protect humans, animals, materials or articles against harmful organisms like pests or bacteria.

Any products that have a biocidal base are required to have authorisation before they can be placed on the market for sale. To achieve the authorisation, we had to demonstrate that NatraSan is effective and does not present any risks to humans, animals or the environment. Approval means every element of our hypochlorous technology has undergone stringent testing by the EU Competent Authority for safety, efficacy and shelf life.

NatraSan has also been independently tested in UK laboratories and complies with British Standard/European Norm (BS EN) regulations 1276 (bactericidal), 13697 (fungicidal), 14204 (virucidal) and 13704 (sporicidal).

NatraSan the world's safest & most powerful hypochlorous

Continual assessment

In recent times, our hypochlorous technology has been tested successfully in every case against several types of coronavirus, as well as being independently tested in UK laboratories to European standard EN 14476 (Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of viricidal activity in the medical area). This test is the benchmark for effectiveness against coronaviruses.


As NatraSan is alcohol-free, skin-friendly, non-stinging and fast acting, it’s a staple for any home. It comes in 250ml and 500ml antiseptic spray bottles, as well as a travel buddy size, and can be bought from our online shop or by calling 0800 707 6883 to place a telephone order.

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