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Touch Free Automatic Sanitising Dispenser - Wall Mounted - Includes NatraSan Skin and Surface Disinfectant (5 Litre)

Touch Free Automatic Sanitising Dispenser - Wall Mounted - Includes NatraSan Skin and Surface Disinfectant (5 Litre)

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A contact-less, premium dispenser that conveniently delivers a fine spray of NatraSan with the wave of a hand.

  • Wall mounted, Refillable, No Cartridge Required, Battery powered (batteries last 30,000 applications), Refillable Reservoir Holds 1.2ltr (1,200 applications)
  • Prevents wastage and misuse – dispenses 1ml spray of NatraSan per hand detected, The intelligent sensor automatically ejects spray operates between 3 and 10cm, Light indicator for low battery
  • Lockable cover, Reduces the spread of germs, Touch Free
  • Fits into all environments, Size- H-650mm x W195mm x D116mm
  • INCLUDES NATRASAN - HEALTHCARE ESSENTIAL SOLUTION: NatraSan contains the active ingredient hypochlorous acid, and is one of the most powerful skin antiseptics and skin disinfectants available. It is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.
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NatraSan Hypochlorous Acid Antiseptic and Disinfectant.

Use for Hand/Skin sanitising, surface disinfection, or cleaning food or food preparation areas.

The Science


NatraSan Antiseptic Spray is a revolution in healthcare. It contains pure hypochlorous acid, the body's own antiseptic. 

Hypochlorous is produced naturally in human and animal immune systems to kill invading germs.

Why is it so good?

Hypochlorous is not only one of the most effective known biocides capable of killing 99.9999% of all pathogens, it is also readily biodegradable.

Hypochlorous also gives the benefit of protecting you on contact, being able to kill germs & pathogens immediately compared to Alcohol-based disinfectants that can take up to 15 minutes.

Hypochlorous also has the added benefit of being chemical & alcohol-free, pH neutral, non- irritating & non-sting.

How can it be used?

NatraSan Antiseptic Spray can be used as an antiseptic, a skin & surface disinfector or to clean food or food preparation areas.

Being Alcohol-free, it is perfect for all members of the family
from ones with sensitive skin to the littlest of little ones.

What testing has been done?

Before taking NatraSan Antiseptic Spray to the market we validated our product through many independent institutions and universities and it has been field-tested in conjunction with the NHS, leading private healthcare groups, the Royal Veterinary College, and many others.

How to Use

How to Use

For antiseptic/skin disinfection use: Spray liberally onto the affected area. Allow to dry naturally.

Hand and skin disinfection: Spray liberally onto hands, rub together to ensure even coverage, and allow to dry naturally.

Hard and soft surface sanitation: Spray onto the affected area for immediate sterilisation. Wipe off metal surfaces that might be affected by salt content.


Aqua, <5% Salt, Hypochlorous Acid.

Contains NO alcohol, harmful chemicals, antibiotics, or preservatives.

What our Customers are saying

  • We could spray without fear of making the skin worse. Would recommend anytime

  • Best antiseptic spray I have come across and the’s natural and can go in hand luggage!

  • Super pleased with results and quality, made in UK too.

  • I would not be without this product.

Why buy NatraSan?

Nothing harsh

Alcohol & Chemical free, utilising the most advanced science to create safe surface and skin sanitisation.

Powerful Protection

Nature's most powerful antibacterial. Killing 99.9999% of harmful germs, antiviral, and antifungal.


Tested & Verified by independent Institutions, Universities, the NHS, and Private Healthcare Groups.

Certification you can trust

With our partner, we are at the forefront of safe sanitisation and always ensure we have the latest certification, covering all uses.